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What is Android Auto and CarPlay?

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Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are two infotainment systems that allow us to display certain interesting driving applications (essentially navigation, music and audio and messaging) in a simplified interface compared to that of the phone.

The "normal" thing is to have Android Auto or Apple CarPlay on the screen that comes standard in our car, but this is not always the case: there are simpler screens that only show you information from the radio station , link your phone and stream music via Bluetooth, and there are cars that do not have a screen. What if we don't have Android Auto or Apple CarPlay and we want it? Then it's time to change the Radio or install something like Universal Android Auto Carplay Screen.

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What advantages do Android Auto and Apple CarPlay have?:

Although it can be taken into account more as a recommendation than a drawback, it must be taken into account that the manipulation of a device limits our attention while driving, so it is recommended that this type of system be only managed when we are stopped or before starting the march. It is evident that these are systems that have been designed to reduce distractions by not having to look away from the road and the driver being tempted to use his mobile.

When it comes to marking the differences between both operating systems, we can establish that the main advantage and disadvantage will be marked by our personal tastes or by the mobile phone that we own at that moment. Apple uses its own environment, with icons very similar to those we can find on the iPhone, while visually Android Auto also maintains certain synergies with the interface of smartphones that use said SO.

It is in the type of applications to be used where there are the most differences between the two, with Android Auto using an integration of Google Now, which allows us to have real-time updates, in addition to the use of everyday applications such as WhatsApp, Skype, Waze , Spotify or Google Maps, while for Apple devices it is usually more restricted to apps belonging to the Apple company's Store, which also has the voice recognition system, Siri. In this way, Android usually has a greater number of possibilities, while those that use Apple tend to be very intuitive and easy to use for those who are already used to this operating system.

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